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17 May 2019
Are you looking for the best hairstylist in Sofia?
добър фризьор София
The Bulgarian capital has many beauty salons with modern designes, offering variety of services, but is not easy to ...
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15 May 2019
2019 hairstyles Bulgaria
прически 2019
The most popular 2019 hairstyles Bulgaria are: Curly Bangs If you’re curious about trying the trend for yourself, there ...
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29 Apr 2019
Dandruff treatment Sofia – professional care
лечение на пърхот Kerastase
Dandruff treatment Sofia – while controllable, dandruff can be persistent and requires consistent treatment. What causes Dandruff? Dandruff is ...
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25 Apr 2019
Hair Straightening and Keratin Therapy Sofia
Изправяне на коса и терапия с кератин
Keratin Hair Straightening Sofia – Are you struggling with unruly and wild hair? Do you spend hours detangling your ...
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