Short Hair Stylist Sofia

Къси прически София

Whether your going short for the first time, or looking for a new short style, short hair requires an expert’s hand and an expert’s eye to pull it off right by using a Short Hair Stylist Sofia.

The shorter the hair, the quicker the style time in the mornings unless you have frizzy or thick hair then short hair is not for you.

So, which cut will suit me?

If you have more of a circular/round face try something shoulder length and avoid fringes.

If you have more of a narrow/oval shaped face you can go shorter – all the way to a pixie cut.

Fine to medium hair is the best texture to work a short pixie on and even curls can be cut accordingly to suit a shorter style. Curly girls – just keep in mind you might need a few more products to assist you.

What products will I need?

We stock the full range of styling products for  short hair. There’s one to suit every hair type and the desired result you want to achieve.

Simply have a chat with us and we can help you pick the perfect product.

How often will I need to have it cut?

You’re looking at 4-6 week appointment times to maintain your short do (depending on the length) before visiting Short Hair Stylist Sofia

Is there a difference in cutting long hair?

Short hair is more about the shape. Long hair is a bit more about the styling.

Why do many women shy away from short hair?

It’s a big step for them, and they are afraid of not getting a great look. You have to work with a stylist who can help them find what’s going to work for them.

 Short Hair Stylist Sofia

Short hair cuts from chic bobs to pixies are effortless to create and maintain and can be incredibly versatile using various styling products. Layered short hair cuts can give you a choppy and edgy style and is a suitable style for most women.


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