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маникюр софия

When it comes to your hands and feet, let our specially trained staff melt your cares away by providing a relaxing and renewing experience you will not soon forget – we will be thrilled to make your professional manicure Sofia in Tino Hair Salons.

So come let us take your hands into our hands, and your feet into, well, our hands.

Manicure Sofia – What Makes a Good Manicure?

A good manicure is painless and gentle on the nails, gorgeous and long-lasting. We provide the qualities you should look for in a manicure that will let your style shine.

Good cleaning – Manicure Sofia

The first step in any manicure should be thorough cleaning on your nails. Remove old polish and dirt before trimming, polishing and beautification. The polish and nail art will last long because they get to adhere firmly on the nails without dirt.

Safe trimming

Trimming should be the primary focus of the manicure. For a good manicure, extra nail length should be cut short. Then the nails should be filed to smoothen and remove dead skin.

The file needs to be new and right; not too smooth not too coarse. A fine grit file works better on nails is perfect for sealing the edges. Filing should not be back and forth, instead it should be done in one direction, from the sides towards the center.

Cuticle Care

Never cut your cuticles.

They prevent bacteria from entering your body and infecting the fingers and the nail area.

Instead of cutting the nail cuticles, the we apply a cuticle remover to soften them. Before using the cuticle remover, the technician can also make them softer by soaking them into a basin of warm water for some time.

After they become tender, the manicurist will proceed to push them back gently.

Base coat and polish

It is necessary to apply a base coat before the glaze.

This coat protects against chipping and staining. Sufficient time should be given for the nails to dry before the color polish is applied. Painting needs to be done in two layers of thin coats. Thick coats fall off faster and they look unprofessional.

Decoration – Manicure Sofia

You can choose airbrushing, rhinestones, stickers or 3D nail art. With airbrushing the manicurist uses a stencil to create shapes freehand. With 3D nail art and stickers, small objects are added on the nails to create a bold textured look.

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