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Изправяне на коса и терапия с кератин

Keratin Hair Straightening Sofia – Are you struggling with unruly and wild hair? Do you spend hours detangling your hair?

If yes, there’s a one-stop solution for all your hair problems – Keratin hair treatment. With this revolutionary de-frizzing process, you can say goodbye to frizzy, dry, and rough hair.

Tino Hair are specialists in Keratin Hair Straightening Sofia.

Get Smoother, Straighter Hair

What does a keratin treatment do for the shine, health, and color of hair?

It makes the hair smooth and more manageable. It’s even great after a color service, as it will seal in your color and add incredible shine. For clients, both men and women, it can also help with unruly hair, helping cut styling time in half.

Our clients agree we offer the best professional hair smoothing treatments in Sofia. Our amazing keratin hair treatment works to rejuvenate dry, damaged hair.

So, get rid of those frizzy, bad hair days and book in for your hair smoothing appointment with one of our skilled hairstylists at our Tino Hair salons.

Who is not suitable for Keratin therapy?

Keratin is not suitable for someone with fine, thin texture, straight hair, or overly processed hair as the high heat of the flat iron can cause damage and make the hair break.

The same applies to overly processed hair, such as a bleach and tone or platinum blonde. If you’re a curly-haired client and really love your natural curl, we would also not recommend a keratin, as a keratin will soften your curl and can pull out your wave a bit.

Keratin Hair Straightening Sofia

Keratin Hair System Straightening System is a professional 3 step regime to straighten and smooth the hair.

Suitable for all hair types, Straightening System eliminates up to 80% frizz and straightens the hair for up to 4 months without the need for specialist tools.

Designed and engineered by top industry hair stylists and professionals, Straightening System provides salon quality straightening results in the comfort of your home.

Featuring a shampoo, treatment and mask which work harmoniously to combat frizz and straighten the hair,

Straightening System leaves even the frizziest and unmanageable of hair types looking smooth, sleek and shiny.

Did you know? Straightening System is 100% Formaldehyde free.

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