Simple hairstyles for long hair

прически за дълга коса

You have some ideas of the style that you want but are not sure if they are practical for your type of hair. At Tino Hair we will give you sensible advice which hairstyles for long hair will work best to get you an easier job when maintaining your looks. 

Long hairstyles can be easier to take care than a lot of women realize. Hairstyles for long hair can be as complicated as you want to make them.

Research & Invest In Quality Shampoo & Conditioner

A lot of people will tell you soap is soap, and it is all in how you use it. When it comes to your hair, you shouldn’t use just any soap. If you have dry or problem hair, then you need a rich conditioning shampoos and a weekly deep conditioning treatment to maintain locks. If the price of your products seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Consult with the stylists in Tino Hair about the right products for your long hair that you need to use.

Women with long hair know the importance of not over washing.  A rule of thumb is to wash her hair every three days. If you work in some occupations or use the gym a lot, you may need to wash hair more often. If you do so make sure you are using shampoo that is designed for daily use.

Layered Cuts Are Flattering To All Women

There is a reason so many women choose layered cuts. The attention to where layers are placed can highlight your eyes, and for even more emphasis you can have some color added. Chunkier layers create an edgy look whereas softer layers have a more casual look.

Ombre Hair Color – hairstyles for long hair

The Ombre look is no doubt hot. Ombre is when hair is dyed, so it goes from light to dark or dark to light starting at the top of your head. Women love ombre hair color because you get such a lovely balance of color.

Braids For Active Women

A hairstyle that stays put and allows for a lot of movement is essential for women that are very active or do a lot of sports. Braids fit the bill of athletic style perfectly and can be done a variety of ways.

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