Oily Hair Treatment

ритуал за мазна коса

​Expert tips to manage oily hair

Oily Hair Treatment – Natural oils play an essential part in keeping your scalp and hair healthy but too much is not a good thing.

When produced in normal amounts, sebum keeps your strands smooth and hydrated, preventing excessive drying which can lead to breakage. When sebum production goes overboard however, the result is limp, greasy hair.

Causes of overproduction of sebum include your genes to hormonal imbalances, humidity and your diet.  Even touching your hair too often can help spread the oil further down the hair fibre.

Getting in-salon expert help to get rid of oily hair

Head to a Tino Hair salon for the Spécifique Protocole for oily hair treatment.  You will find a Tino Hair salon in Paradise Island and Serdica Malls in the centre of Sofia

Tailored to your hair’s specific needs, this bespoke treatment starts with a nourishing pre-shampoo Masquargil mask. A double cleanse to gently get rid of any impurities followed by a shampoo and treatment to target oily roots and hair. The result? A perfectly rebalanced scalp and beautifully silky hair.

Oily Hair Treatment – Anti-irritation and Anti-oiliness Products

An Anti-oiliness shampoo and hair mask regulates sebum production and controls oily roots while nourishing the hair. A balanced scalp is the foundation for clean, healthy hair.

Tino hair recommend and stock the following Kérastase products:

Masque Hydra Apaisant Anti-Irritation Anti-Oiliness Specifique 200ml 01 Kérastase

Renewing cream gel treatment for all types of hair and scalp that nourishes the feel of the hair as if renewed.

Bain Divalent Anti-Oiliness Specifique 250ml 01 Kérastase

Balancing shampoo for oily roots and sensitized lengths that purifies the scalp and nourishes the lengths for soft and shiny hair.

This scalp balancing shampoo treats oily roots by regulating the overproduction of sebum. It also treats the hair fiber from lengths to tips to nourishes dry and sensitized end for hair to regain softness and shine. Hair at the roots greases less quickly while lengths remain nourished with split ends sealed.

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