Fine Hair Treatment

Fine hair

Fine hair shampoo Bulgaria

Fine hair with little body and volume requires fine hair shampoo Bulgaria to improve the hair’s look and feel. Volumifique by Kérastase expands hair fibre for amplified volume while controlling frizz and adding a lightweight shine.

The Kérastase Résistance range of fine hair shampoo Bulgaria meets the needs of fine, weakened hair. These products rebuild the internal substance of hair that has been weakened by exterior aggressors. They restore its strength and solidity.

Tips for fine hair

Make sure you only use tailor-made haircare fine hair shampoo Bulgaria for fine hair, allowing your hair to feel free. Also flowing and lightweight, but still easy to brush and luminous.

Lightweight hair should never mean fluffy hair. Ensure that your haircare products are providing all the nutrition your long and fine hair.  Needs to enable an airy lift to your thin hair, without causing frizz and open hair fibers. Opt for milk or gel based conditioners, for a smoother, fresher and frizz-free finish.

Speak to your professional hairdresser about creating a gradient haircut. This will allow your hair to flow and more freely. While creating an illusion of added volume, which is highly favorable for thin and long hairstyles.

Thin hair should always be rinsed properly after each haircare cleansing product is used. In fact, you can even turn the water force to full, to make sure your hair is free from exceeding products that could be weighing your hair down.

What Does Kérastase Resistance Aim To Do?

The collection aims to gently cleanse and condition your hair to rid it of product build-up, impurities and dirt. This is what can actually cause fine hair to become limp and lifeless.

When your hair is heavy with oil and excess product, it can become weighed down. The technology works to thicken each hair strand by using an exclusive complex known as the Ampliflex System.

Containing Cellulose Powder that helps to amplify each fibre. When it comes into contact with water, the products are also enriched with Cationic Polymer, which works to add shine and protect damaged hair. Together, these 2 ingredients combine to create a range of products. Which not only add volume to fine hair, but essential hydration and nourishment.