Nutri-Supplement Scalp Serum



Nourishing serum with hydrating effect, suitable for dry scalp.


Product Description

Nourishing serum with hydrating action for dry scalp, enriched with niacinamide, which provides a combination of vitamins for intensive nourishment of dry hair and scalp. This serum has an extremely light texture that doesn’t weigh you down. Regulates and maintains the hydration level of the scalp to restore full scalp comfort.
Provides up to 23% hydration to the scalp immediately after application*. 20% recycled glass bottle. *Results of clinical instrument test immediately after application of Nutritive Scalp Serum.
Key Ingredients:
Proteins of vegetable origin (wheat, corn and soy): act as nutrients for the hair. Combined with fatty acids, omegas and vitamins, they nourish the hair.
Niacinamide: a derivative of vitamin B3, helps to retain nourishing ingredients, to strengthen the hair barrier, which helps for long-lasting hair strength.
Polymers that protect against dryness: contribute to the overall hydration of the scalp, protecting it from future dehydration.

Apply 2 to 4 doses of the product, depending on the density of the hair, on a dry or towel-dried scalp. 1 dose = 1 pipette to the mark. Do not rinse.