Bain Satin



A moisturizing shampoo with a gentle action that nourishes and strengthens dry hair.


Product Description

Nourishing and hydrating shampoo with a gentle formula that intensively cleans dry hair while restoring hydration and comfort to the scalp. A product enriched with proteins of vegetable origin and niacinamide, with the texture of a white creamy gel that does not weigh down the hair, making it extremely suitable for dry hair. Revitalizes and strengthens the hair. Restores shine by improving hydration and softening. Can be used in combination with a rich satin bath as a pre-shampoo or alone with two applications.
Key Ingredients:
Proteins of vegetable origin (wheat, corn and soy): act as nutrients for the hair. Combined with fatty acids, omegas and vitamins, they nourish the hair.
Niacinamide: a derivative of vitamin B3, helps to retain nourishing ingredients, to strengthen the hair barrier, which helps for long-lasting hair strength.
Nourishing lipids: a combination of lipids and glycerin in an optimal ratio provides hair nourishment and softness.

Apply to wet hair. Lather up. Rinse. Repeat.