CHRONOLOGISTE Ревитализираща Вана

Chronologiste Bain



A detoxifying shampoo to purify devitalized hair. Hair is left moisturized while the scalp is strengthened, lightweight and full of vitality.

Bain Revitalisant Chronologiste is a shampoo designed to deeply cleanse devitalized hair. Using highly active ingredients, its deeply purifying action cleanses scalp impurities and smoothes the hair fiber. It brings softness, shine and a velvet touch to the fiber to revitalize all types of hair.

Aging Hair.

All hair types.

Apply a coin-sized amount on damp hair, starting at the roots. Then distribute throughout the lengths, emulsify, massage using gentle pressure and rinse.

Abyssine: powerful healing molecule with anti-allergenic properties

Vitamin E: anti-oxydant protection.

Ceramide: strengthening and regenerating action on the fiber.

Oleo Complexe – Amla, Maize, Camelia, Argan: shine, nourishment and softness.



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