Densifique Densimorphose



Mousse Densimorphose is a densifying serum-in-a-foam that instantly volumizes and thickens the hairmass, ideal for hair lacking thickness. Hair regains bounce and plumpness.

Mousse Densimorphose was designed as a thickening treatment for thinning hair. Quick penetration and instant action provide a visible densifying action without any weighing down of the hair. The fiber is plumped and more resilient from root to tip. Hair is volumized with greater substance without a heavy feeling. Silicon-free formula.

Thinning hair

All hair types

Shake the bottle before use.

Apply an orange-size amount of mousse to washed and towel-dried hair.

Distribute the mousse with a comb from roots to tips while insisting on the lengths. Proceed to styling. Leave-in.

Hyaluronic Acid: natural salt that retains up to 1 000 times its weight in moisture. Hydrates and gives resilience and plumpness to the hair.

Gluco-Peptide: it enters the deepest layers of the cuticle  to compensate surface irregularities and restore uniformity. Hair is texturized.

Ceramides: strengthen the hair fiber.


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