Discipline Curl Idéal Mousse



Curl-defining treating mousse for unruly curly hair looking light and toned curls. Provides bouncy curls, while giving them shape and definition with a light airy touch.

Mousse Curl Idéal is a caring mousse for curly hair in need of control for light and toned curls. It shapes and defines hair with no ridigity. The combination of active ingredients leave a natural touch on curls for enhanced bounce and an airy feel. Anti-frizz action ensures defined curls with no rigidity for perfect curls and more natural feel.

Concern:  Curly Hair

Bouncy curls.

Shake. Apply a small orange-sized amount of mousse to washed and damp hair. Evenly distribute on lengths and ends using an upward motion to keep curls bouncy. Leave-in.

Pro-Kératin + Elastin: strengthen torsion points, improve fiber elasticity and smoothen hair surface for a better fiber cohesion. 

Carraghénane (algae extract: natural fixing polymer that ensures bouncy curls with a care touch).

Glucose: gives shape and definition to curls.

Glycerin: softens hair, gives a caring touch.


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