Nutritive Magistral Créme



Crème Magistrale is a balm for severely dried-out hair. Its unique creamy texture provides intense nourishment while providing a thermo protection against heat styling.

Crème Magistrale is a balm designed for severly dried-out hair. Combining its active ingredients to Nutribalm texture, it gives the hair intense nourishment, while enhance a lively fiber and a lightweight and shiny finish. Its action also provides a thermo protection during styling.

Concern: Dry Hair

Severly dried out hair

Apply to washed and towel-dried hair before the brushing. Massage onto lenghts and ends. Blow-dry. Leave-in.     


Apply to dry hair after the brushing as a finish touch. Leave in.


The combination of highly concentrated gluco active and exceptional Iris rhizome extract, chosen amongst thousands of plants for its ultra-powerful nutritional reserve.  Combined with a precious resin secreted by Benjoin tree able to recreate its inner nutrition from within. The ultimate blend of nutrition to deeplu nourish the most severely dried-out hair.

+ Nutribalm texture: creamy white balm that melts into hair, immediately penetrates lenghts and provides perfect coating down to ends. Inside: smoothing agent, shine booster, and softener.


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