Specifique Masque Hydra-Apaisant



An in-depth scalp treatment that soothes and hydrates the scalp. Ideal for all hair types and treating sensitized scalps, it leaves the scalp refreshed and hair supple.

This mask hydrates and soothes the scalp to enhance skin quality and scalp defense from dry and oily concerns. Silicon-free, the mask’s key ingredients help to purify the scalp, treating oily roots, dandruff, irritated and itchy scalp as well as hair-loss concerns. The hair feels nourished as if renewed.

Concern: All Scalp Concerns

All types of scalp concerns

Apply to the scalp on wet and non-wrung hair, then massage by extending to the lengths of the hair.  Leave in for 3 minutes, then rinse.

L-Carnosine: concentrated anti-oxidant to prevent disorders induced by external agressions such as with the pollution, cigarette smoke or sun exposure.

Vitamine E: a powerful antioxidant that protects against external damages as well as to protect hair and reduce fading of natural color

Moringa: to eliminate the adhesion of polluting particles promoting shine and ease of combing hair

Silicon free formula.



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