How to Repair Damaged Hair

Damaged HairShampoo for damaged hair Bulgaria ? Are you guilty of having over bleached and over processed hair? Are you dependent on heat styling tools? Do you wish you had virgin hair again? Let Kerastase show you how to repair damaged hair to new with their Therapiste hair care line.

Kerastase offers hair therapy with their new Therapiste line. Repairing damaged hair and resurrecting it with a revolutionary ingredient found in nature that literally brings things back to life!

Keratase’s new Therapiste line promises to greatly repair and reconstruct damaged hair, bringing it back to life and renewing it to a healthy state long forgotten.

Four products make up the Therapiste line, including a shampoo for damaged hair Bulgaria, pre-shampoo conditioner, mask, and serum. Each one acting in a different way to mend hair and revive it’s inner beauty. But each utilizes a special concoction of ingredients featuring the miracle ingredient from the Myrothamnus Flabellifolia plant.

Shampoo for damaged hair Bulgaria

Soin Premier Therapiste – Smart Starter Conditioner

A first in the industry, Kerastase has created a pre-shampoo conditioner that you actually use BEFORE you wash.

Applying this conditioner before your shampoo coats the hair with a protective gauze which reduces the friction and aggression done by your sudsy shampooing. Not only that, but it allows even more nutrients to be absorbed by the hair during the process.

In a way, it’s like a primer for your cleansing routine.

Bain Therapiste – Balm-in-shampoo

Working alone, or after the pre-shampoo conditioner, this unique Shampoo for damaged hair Bulgaria coats the hair with a semi-solid gel to repair the hair fiber and reducing friction during washing.

Ultra gentle for even the most damaged hair, but also effective at cleaning without stripping the hair of moisture.

Masque Therapiste- Hair Mask

For added damage control and a deeper therapy, Kerastase has a classic hair mask that fuses onto the hair to fill it with reparative complexes that restore the fiber. It rebuilds the internal structure of hair weakened by chemical and physical aggressions.

This mask is an essential for those who have just gone through or are going through multiple processes, such as going platinum or getting a chemical straightening process. And is ideal to use as a special treatment for extra dry or damaged hair at certain times of the year like after all the chlorine/salt water/sun exposure of Summer or after the endless updos of the holidays.

Double Serum Therapiste – Hair Serum

Two products in one, this hair serum imparts moisture and seals split ends.

A dual pump that dispenses two different agents. One is an oil-based care agent, which moisturizes the fiber without being greasy. The second is a cream-textured top-coat to treat and seal ends.

The best part about this serum is that it offers thermo protection to further protect hair from damage from heat styling