Thick hair treatment

thick hair

If you are blessed with thick hair is an amazing thing — but treatment for thick hair Bulgaria is anything but easy.

Finding the best treatment for thick hair Bulgaria can be a daunting task, but it’s a major game-changer once you do.

Obviously, if you have lots of hair, it’s going to be more difficult to style. And while nobody here is hating on frizz, most of us can agree that hair is way more manageable when it’s smooth and knot-free.

For those with a thick texture, an ineffective product can easily lead to using half a bottle of shampoo in one cleansing session.

Sulfates are a good example of harsh ingredients to avoid, which can lift the hair’s cuticle and leave it dry and unruly.

Treatment for thick hair Bulgaria

Choosing a treatment for thick hair Bulgaria that offers a balance between cleansing ingredients and conditioning agents is essential.

You’ll want a hearty shampoo that fully cleans the hair without stripping the scalp of its natural oils needed for lubrication, so everything will be kept healthy and looking vibrant.

What’s the Difference Between Coarse and Thick Hair?

Coarse hair and thick hair are often mistaken as interchangeable. However, they refer to different characteristics of your hair:

  • Thick hair refers to the hair density, or the number of follicles on the scalp
  • Coarse hair refers to the circumference of the individual strand.

A Conditioner That Works Better

Large-haired ladies run out of conditioner so much faster than shampoo. For every quarter-size dollop of shampoo you use on your scalp, you have use a palm-full of conditioner on your many, many ends.

It’s not the size of your conditioner bottle that matters, but its contents. Choosing a highly concentrated conditioner means you won’t need gallons of product.

Kérastase Chronologiste conditioners, which are so rich that you only need a dollop.

Use a hair mask

Nutritive Masquintense Cheveux Epais is an intensely nourishing hair masque specially formulated to treat thick, dry hair. Infused with an Irisome complex and glucose proteins, the formula replenishes fibres from root to tip, softening and nurturing to leave strands silky and supple with enhanced shine. Tresses are protected from the return of dryness.